Cowboy David's Special Order Bakery

(a subsidiary of The Kickapoo Valley Ranch Guest Cabins)

E11761 County Road P, La Farge, Wisconsin 54639


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Prices start at $30.00 per baker's dozen.

Ask anyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing one of these sweet treats, and they will most assuredly tell you "they are absolutely the best!" Handcrafted in small batches and always made to order. Each selection more incredible than last. Perfect for gift giving or to keep all to yourself!
This is what heaven is all about.
*Cookie Juniors and SuperCookies™ also available -

call for details.


The Original™
Our very own, amazing double chocolate chip cookie with walnuts

*Our cornerstone cookie has welcomed cabin guests at The Kickapoo Valley Ranch in Southwestern Wisconsin for over a decade. This cookie's popularity grew along with our lodging business and is the reason that Cowboy David's Cookies are now available to the general public. We've lavished this cookie with the most generous portions of two kinds of chocolate chips, with chunky walnuts and a whole lotta attitude! To know this cookie is to know what heaven is really all about!


 Molasses cookie with a "twist"

*Old fashioned? Not so much! This cookie presents a comfortable, easily recognizable spice-filled profile, yet kicked up a notch with a delightful punch of citrus! And it is important to note that all of this delicious goodness comes to you 100% dairy-free and with no nuts.


Triple chocolate chip cookie without nuts
*Everything that our "Original" possesses (the rich & abundant milk & white chocolate chips, etc... )but this time without the nuts and this one has an extra chocolate chunk! Recently revamped to improve it's overall appearance & quality!!

A classic!!!


Oatmeal raisin caramel apple cookie

*Comfort cookie best describes this complex, multi-flavored treat. Everything you'd expect - raisins, walnuts, whole grain oatmeal and then this classic cookie heads off in whole new amazing direction with the introduction of apples & caramel. With all these wholesome ingredients you'd almost be convinced that three or four is simply healthy eating!


The Double Chocolate Chip Dark

Our Original Double Chocolate Chip with Nuts REINVENTED yet again!!!
This time, we've taken our cornerstone cookie and pulled out the milk & white chocolate chips. We've replaced them with rich, high-end, dark chocolate chips and semi-sweet chunks! And you will still find an abundance of walnuts. A whole new kind of heaven!!!


The Chocolate Coma cookie

FIVE TIMES the chocolate joy!
*Imagine biting into a dark chocolate brownie cookie infused with espresso coffee and coming across dark & milk chocolate chips and semi-sweet chocolate chunks. And then turn the cookie around for an over-the-top taste treat since we've dipped it in a generous "dunk" of smooth dark chocolate. Like nothing you've ever tasted before, this is truly a chocolate lovers dream come true! (No nuts.)


 The Peanut Butter Turtle™ cookie

*The combination of flavors presented here - milk chocolate, caramel, pecans & peanut butter, topped by a sprinkle of course ground sea salt AND a rich chocolate drizzle, makes this cookie an event not to be missed!


Raspberry red velvet cookie with white chocolate

*Ask around & most folks will tell you they love red velvet cake. So we've turned it on its ear & taken it right over the top! Red velvet chocolate & fresh raspberries make up this deep, dark, moist & delicious cookie. And to perfect it we've even dipped it in white chocolate. No nuts. Extraordinary!


Caramel milk chocolate swirl cookie

*A rich, double chocolate chip cookie with an explosion of caramel throughout. Topped with a sprinkle of sea salt and a generous swirl of milk chocolate!!! This gem has no nuts.


The Bomb chocolate cookie

An all new chocolate cookie with an explosion of white chocolate chips & semi-sweet chunks, with an undertone of coffee and then...

BAM!!! A zing of cherry and no nuts.

Topped off with a swirl of white chocolate!

It's "The Bomb" - as in cherry bomb!!!

(See what we did there!?!?!?!!!!!!!!) ;)



The Ultimate™
Our very own, amazing double chocolate chip cookie with walnuts (The Original™) DIPPED!

*Our cornerstone cookie, The Original™ Double Chocolate Chip Cookie with Walnuts, dipped in rich, high end chocolate! We've taken the best and made it even BESTER! Cowboy David himself even thinks this might just be the BESTEST cookie EVER!

Orange Cranberry Enchantment cookie

*This cookie is an instant winner!
The perfect combination of orange, cranberry, almonds, and an amazing spice mix make this sour cream cookie the centerpiece of any holiday dessert table. We've then added a generous white chocolate swirt and a sparkle of white sanding sugar.
An unbelievable amount of joy for one & all!   


The Christmas Coma cookie

*Just like our Chocolate Coma™ but all wrapped up for the holidays!
Here again we have a dark chocolate brownie cookie infused with espresso coffee and packed with dark & milk chocolate chips and semi-sweet chocolate chunks. This time, though, we've
a hint of peppermint & dipped it in a generous "dunk" of smooth dark chocolate or white chocolate and an added sprinkle of peppermint candy crunch. A chocolate lovers Christmas dream come true! (No nuts.)

The Alternatives Collection

*Our Alternatives Collection cookies are just as incredible as their originals! Since cookie baking is such an incredibly exacting science, at this juncture, we have added two cookies to our Alternatives Collection. They are both gluten-free. (Dairy & sugar are still present.)
***The Original II - Our GF Double Chocolate Chip Cookie with Walnuts
***The Double Chocolate Chip Dark II - Our Original™ with the white & milk chocolates removed and dark chips & semi-sweet chunks added in!
*******PLEASE NOTE: Though not officially a part of The Alternatives Collection, our Molasses Cookie with a Twist is created DAIRY FREE!